My income has fallen, what do I do in times of financial crisis?

The reasons that lead to income reduction can be the most varied, such as unexpected loss of employment, declining numbers of clients for whom it is autonomous and even lack of financial planning. However, before questioning the cause it is crucial to be prepared to solve the problem so that financial control is resumed. So keep reading this article prepared for you.

And not very different from other recommendations given for situations of falling income, to get out of it is essential to cut costs and seek another way to get an income, but in practice is much more complicated because you need to have creativity and analyze the scenario .

Thinking about it, it’s time to take some time and reflect on your qualities and skills that can turn into money

Thinking about it, it

Do you play any musical instruments? Do you open the doors of your home and receive people who want to learn from a private tutor? Do you know how to manipulate image processing programs, video editions and the like? Start working as a freelancer, just search the internet and register on specific websites to start having new clients. Anyway, whatever your minimal ability may be a means of earning income if you are willing to risk doing something totally different. The possibilities are endless, just reflect your available paths and broaden your horizons.

You are a resident of a building

You are a resident of a building

Did you know that in times of financial crisis it is possible to stop paying the condominium? This is what you read, but of course, you need a swap service. Often the trustee is exempt from the condominium quota, or when he does not pay the condominium he receives a type of salary, known as labor. But how can this help you? Have you thought about facing the challenge and applying for a trustee from your condo? That way you cut spending and earn extra income. There is no shame in this, every honest working environment is welcome.

If the reason for the drop in income is a sudden dismissal, in addition to looking for the possibilities mentioned here, do not resort to your “hit” or FGTS and use the money to make a trip that takes you out of the pit. Organize yourself to save that money or even apply it by doing so you prevent future emergencies that may appear.

With that in mind, do not despair!

With that in mind, do not despair!

How many people are forced by difficulties to look for an opportunity to start over and find that this is what they are going to do forever in their lives? Maybe that hidden talent your turn your business and your main source of income. Every talent is valid, as long as well thought out and planned, and also with the help of a consultant, who helps you free of charge, like the ones Sebrae offers, your financial life can be driven to success. Regardless of your current situation, do not stand still, look for solutions wisely!

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