Month: May 2019

Do banks expect another change?


A banker should not be a man who gives out loans, but one that connects capital owners to those who need to borrow him. That would mean the end of reserve banking. Karol II. frightened of civil war, he decided in 1666 and gave control of making money in private hands. A few years later, […]

Uncomplicating interest


It is possible that you are losing and not making money at the same time without realizing it. Surely you’ve heard of the famous “interest”, but do you know how they work? To Financial Group is here to help you with this, stay calm (and attentive!). Simple interest and Compound interest There are two types […]

Online Microcredits


The Internet has completely changed virtually every sector of our economy. Also the one of the finances. If a few years ago to ask for a certain amount of money you had to go through a bank office, yes or yes, now the situation is completely different. Perhaps one of the clearest cases of this […]

Housing loan calculation calculation


The primary purpose of our site is to provide all possible support to those who want to borrow, especially home loans. We have come to the conclusion that impeccable calculators, in spite of not explaining one or two important things beside them. Now we’ll talk about them, hold on to us! Creditworthiness is important Unfortunately, […]