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The Internet has completely changed virtually every sector of our economy. Also the one of the finances. If a few years ago to ask for a certain amount of money you had to go through a bank office, yes or yes, now the situation is completely different. Perhaps one of the clearest cases of this revolution in the way of asking and lending money is found in the online microcredit sector, also known as online microcredits . And why? You’re wondering now … Well, continue reading this article and you’ll understand to what extent things have changed when we talk about microfinance.

At Captain Lender we offer you the best selection of fast microcredits online. It does not matter if you are on a list of defaulters, since online microcredit with Good Loan or online microcredit without regard to Good Loan are specially designed for you. If what you want is to receive your money already to solve the economic difficulty that has been presented to you, your option is online microcredits instantly . Finally, if you have a recurring income but you do not have a payroll to justify when making your request, what you need are the online microloans without payroll .

What is an online microcredit?

What is an online microcredit?

The loans are as old as the very existence of money. Since there was the possibility of exchanging a good or a service for a currency, the human being began to spin a scenario of the most usual. Let’s take an example: if A needs money but does not have it at that moment and B has that capital, why does not B lend that amount to A and then it is returned, later, paying a little more money (interests) ?

This very common situation gave rise to the phenomenon of online microcredit . And, surely, the first microloans in the world consisted of small amounts. Credits destined to cover urgent needs and that were solved through an agreement between two subjects. Seen like that, have not we changed so much in all these centuries, right? Well … on the one hand it is true that the essence of online microcredits remains the same: “I lend you this small capital so that you can return it to me, not too long and paying a small compensation for the service”. However, a process that for a very long time could be complicated, demanding days or weeks of waiting in addition to a lot of negotiations, is now resolved in just a few minutes. And how is that possible?

The key is, of course, on the internet. The microcredit with Good Loan appeared a few years ago and came to change everything. In Captain Lender we know what we are talking about. Since we have been there almost from the beginning, as one of the most experienced agents in this sector. Therefore, we know the needs of all types of customers and the answers we have to give them.

How do I apply for a microcredit online without importing Good Loan?

Good Loan

If at the beginning of the article we referred to the needs that, at the time, inspired the first microcredits at once, we will now analyze which situations are more common today to request a small amount of money. From the experience of all these years, at Captain Lender we know that people turn to this credit format when they really need a little quick money. Either to correct a debt with a delinquency list such as the Good Loan or for an unforeseen expense at the end of the month. Therefore, in these cases, the essential thing is to find easy solutions that require only a little time in their processing.

In that sense, traditional banks offer almost the opposite. The entities of all the life, that are still adapting to the enormous change that has supposed Internet, have in their portfolio credits that go accompanied of a great bureaucracy. Guarantees, signatures, accreditations, etc. And of course not found in any delinquency list. All a paperwork and conditions that end up causing just what is not necessary in these cases of urgency: slowness and difficulties. On the other hand, mini-credits from platforms such as Captain Lender, adjust as a ring to the needs of the customer in distress. And how we do it?

In a much more logical and personal way. For starters, all you have to do if you are going to request a loan with Good Loan with us is to access the form we offer in Captain Lender. There you will be asked a series of basic data about your profile. Issues related to your identity (name, ID, nationality …) and the type of credit you want to get (amount, time of return …). Once this form is completed – a task that will only take a few minutes – you just have to send it to us from the page you have filled out with your data. Instantly your request will reach our team of experts, who will give you a quick response. Keep in mind that most of the requests that come to us get an affirmative answer. So, why do not you try it?

What other online microloans does Captain Lender offer?

The truth is that there are many types of online microcredit in the market so you can choose which is best suited to your circumstances, from the classic ICO credits of the government of Spain to those granted through companies like Captain Lender. Next, we will tell you about each type and a particular case of some of our clients, so that you can get an idea of ​​which one is right for your situation.

Mini loans only with ID

Many people want to apply for mini loans through the National Identity Document. This is one of the requirements that we need for the resolution of your case to be carried out. Although, there are two other very simple that, sure you also meet, like our users: have a bank account in our country and a recurring income. This income should know that it does not have to come from a payroll or contract. It can come from a scholarship, a grant, a government aid … It does not matter what’s coming, but you do have it.

Online mini-credits with Good Loan

Today more and more people are on a list of defaulters such as those of Good Loan or RAI. So it is completely normal that you want to apply for a loan or loan to get out of these hated lists or to face another personal situation. With Captain Lender you can apply for personal loans 24 hours a day, even if you are on Good Loan lists. You do not believe it? Apply now and see for yourself.

Who are the online microcredits for?

Who are the online microcredits for?

When we talk about quick microcredits to some people, a profile of a crazy or unconscious person comes to mind. For example, the typical young man who spends his money without rhyme or reason and quickly needs more to spend on whims. Although of course this is a client profile with which we sometimes meet, experience has taught us that it is not the user type of our platform at all. Who are the most frequent customers for this type of fast online microcredit ?

A case with which we find ourselves a lot is that of a father or mother of a family, responsible for the finances of the house, who has to face an unforeseen expense. For example, the change of a lock that has been damaged, the purchase of a washing machine after a breakdown or the change of tires of the family car after years of wear. This type of expenses, for which a quick response is necessary and through a not very high amount, is an example of perfect use of online loans. The father or mother only has to enter Captain Lender, provide basic information about his profile and automatically ask for that online microcredit that he needs so much at this time.

But the profiles of clients that we find do not stay there, much less. Another example, which may surprise more than one, is that of a young man who is finishing his studies and who makes them compatible with some sporadic jobs. Your goal is to emancipate yourself and get some room or small floor that allows you to have greater independence. In these types of cases, a series of very diverse expenses are common. From the payment of the first month’s rent, the bond to the owner … or simply the costs of the move. The problem, as we said before, is that said young person does not have a fixed and stable salary, but with variable and sporadic income. Well, what for many entities is a problem, for Captain Lender no. Our quick loans can be requested without providing a payroll. Neither are guarantees necessary. Only the basic loan information you need … and bingo !.

So, can you ask for an online microcredit with Good Loan?

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People who, for whatever reason, have contracted a debt with your telephone company, your real estate or any other type of provider, are usually doomed to appear on one of the lists of defaulters that exist in Spain. Appearing in a database like that of Good Loan can be an impediment when requesting a microcredit. In Captain Lender however, we do not think so. Our quick microcredits are also open to citizens who appear on these lists. Requesting a loan with Good Loan is possible today … and we are proof of that!

Like any other potential client, people who have contracted a debt can also access our portal and request a loan online. Our personal credits are available, as we have already said, to all types of profiles and clients. That is why we reduce the bureaucracy to the maximum, allowing us to process the application without a payroll and without more papers than the form itself.

Returning to the initial idea, we must be aware of the many possibilities that today gives us internet. Also when we talk about asking for small amounts of money for an urgent payment or an unforeseen debt. Online microcredits have undoubtedly come into our lives to stay. Therefore, from here we encourage you, if you have not already done so, to request an online mini-credit so that you can see the result in first person. Can you imagine that the first human beings who used the money would have had access to platforms like Captain Lender? Do you realize the change that would have meant for their lives? Well, you can, take advantage of it and enter Captain Lender, where the best valued microcredits of the market await you there. Do not hesitate!

Advantages of applying for an online microcredit with Captain Lender

The advantages of requesting mini credits instantly online instead of physically are many. However, we are going to tell you the most outstanding ones so that you can know them with the greatest detail:

No paperwork

You can ask for mini loans, without having to carry out multiple paperwork or unnecessary paperwork. With the banking entities you will have to do a thousand laps: justify your income, where they come from, how you get them, if they are monthly and recurrent … explain why you want the money, since you can not want it for something you do not need, and , if you are creating a project, you should also show the strategy you have in mind to follow.

The banks are not willing to get their hands, so they only lend the money to people who know they are going to give it back. If they do not go up, they are not interested. Captain Lender does not work this way. In our company we are willing to make mini quick loans to all those people who meet three minimum requirements: be of legal age, have a bank account and a recurring income. With only these three conditions, you can enjoy the money you need so much without having to do a thousand paperwork or paperwork.

Fast and safe

With Captain Lender you can request one of our mini loans instantly, we guarantee that they are real, that you will really get them in the shortest possible time. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the aim of having the best possible service at your fingertips. So you only need a mobile device, a tablet or computer with internet access and you can enjoy the economic amount you need in less than 24 hours.

As if this were not enough, in 15 minutes you will know if the quick mini credits have been granted. With other financial entities this does not work like that. You must justify why and why you need that income. Depending on this, the interest rate may also rise, and if you delay payment, the money will go up like foam. At Captain Lender, we are clear and transparent from the first moment with our clients so that unpleasant surprises are not found.

Availability 24 hours for online microcredits

As we have said before, we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Holidays, Sundays, Saints, New Year’s Eve, New Year, Christmas … Every day we are available for our clients. We believe in commitment and trust, we know that unforeseen events or desires can happen at any time. Therefore, we are always available to our users.

Banking entities do not work in the same way. They only work from Monday to Friday, nor are holidays available in case you have an unforeseen event. So you can not count on your financing until the next business day. You can ask for micro credits with them, but it will take much longer than asking Captain Lender.

Microcredits for all

Captain Lender is the online lender that offers the most microloans without payroll in the market. The approval rate is over 90%. Since we believe in including all consumers and creating customized financial solutions, you also have microcredit with Good Loan at your disposal instantly.

For that reason, you are already looking for microcredit online with Good Loan, loans without payroll or without endorsement, you have arrived at the indicated place.

What are you waiting for to apply for your online microcredit and make your dreams and projects come true? Visit already Captain Lender.