Admission to the SAT Sabbatical Program

Although SAT is rooted in the Catholic faith and Gospel values, we not only welcome diversity and inclusivity, but we embrace it.  While many of our guests are priests, deacons, and women and men religious, others also come to SAT for sabbatical. Ordinarily, a bachelor’s degree is required for admission to the SAT Sabbatical. However, our experience shows that applicants with personal maturity and a desire to deepen their spirituality benefit from and contribute to the SAT program. Application materials can be downloaded below or obtained by emailing

Tuition and residence 2017-2018

Tuition: $7,660/semester or both Fall and Spring semesters $14,850
Residence: $5,250/semester
Non-Refundable Application Fee: $50

If you cannot come for a full semester, but would like to come for a shorter time, our prorated costs are:

Cost per week (program tuition and residence): $1065
Application Fee: $50


Arrival: August 28-29, 2017
Orientation: August 30-31- September 1
Closing: December 6-7
Departure: December 9-10


Arrival: January 22-23, 2018
Orientation: January 24-26
Closing: May 2-3
Departure: May 5-6


Scholarships are available. To inquire, contact

Application Materials

•  The Application Form: PDF
•  Health Self-Assessment (self-reported): PDF
•  A Statement: PDF of 500-1000 words which describes significant moments in your life leading to SAT.
(A statement of 300-500 words if you are applying for the Summer Sabbatical)
•  Three Letters of Reference: Word

Please photocopy the reference form and provide the form to your references. For religious and priests one letter should be from a superior. (Only one letter of reference is needed if you are applying for the Summer Sabbatical. For religious and priests the letter should be from your superior or Bishop.)

Non-US citizens: Official letter of financial support.

A non-refundable Application Fee of $50.

Please return all the above materials to:

School of Applied Theology – GTU Berkeley
5890 Birch Court
Oakland, CA 94618-1626

The SAT staff is happy to speak with you and discuss the program. Please feel free to phone us or let us know a convenient time to contact you. Application materials, when appropriate, can be faxed. Enrollment is limited and early application is encouraged. The decisions of the Admission Committee are final.

Phone: 510-652-1651
Fax: 510-420-0542