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What is Mine to Do?: The Soul’s Journey Through the Great Turning

CANCELLED What is Mine to Do?: The Soul’s Journey Through the Great Turning

Presented by Anne and Terry Symens-Bucher
If your heart is breaking in the face of “the Great Unraveling” of ecological, economic, political and social systems, come join us for a brave and beautiful journey as we dare to see we are not separate from the suffering of our world.

In the time of his own great unraveling, Francis of Assisi chose to turn toward gratitude, singing a song of praise known as the Canticle of Creation. Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects invites us also to choose gratitude and put our attention instead on “the Great Turning,”  the movement to a life sustaining society that she calls “the essential adventure of our time.”  At the end of his life, Francis of Assisi told his followers: “I have done that which was mine to do, may Christ teach you yours.”

Using a Franciscan perspective and the Work That Reconnects, we invite you to renew your connection to “that which is yours to do” and to discover how your unique and authentic gifts are in service to Earth in this time of planetary crisis.

We will use experiential practices, poetry, ritual, prayer, song, and silence to guide our journey through the four stages of the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects. We understand this Spiral to be archetypal and will explore it through the framework of the Christian liturgical calendar.
November 8, 10AM-3PM