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Sex in 3-D: Toward a Virtue Ethics of Sexuality

Presented by Lisa Fullam, DVM, Th.D.
In much of Christian tradition concerning sex, we have understood sex to mean sex acts, and we have tended to consider them objectively, not subjectively—in other words, impersonally or externally, not personally or in terms of the internal dynamisms of the person as a whole. In other words, discussions of sexual topics have forgotten that sex is connected to sexuality, a resonant aspect of our humanity. Further, we’ve tended to regard sex with suspicion, resulting in a sexual ethics that can be summed up in a list of “don’ts.” What about the “Do’s”?
     The revival of Christian virtue ethics reminds us that the core questions of morality are not about particular acts, but about the kind of character we cultivate in ourselves and for our communities. Looked at this way, questions about sexual ethics are no longer centered on the nature of the act, but on whether the values we espouse lead us to human flourishing and more faithful discipleship of Jesus. In other words: how are our sexual lives making us better people?
November 21, 1-3PM
Cost: $40

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