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Joan Of Arc, Holy Resistance, and Social Sin

Presented by Lisa Fullam, D.V.M., Th.D.
Virtue ethics holds that we grow in virtue by reflective imitation of admirable people--a person who wants to be more just might reflect on the life of a paradigm of justice, and see how that person’s acts and commitments translate into the contexts of our own lives. However, we also are acutely aware that one of the effects of social sin in our lives is to corrupt our ability to recognize virtue--social sins like racism, sexism, or homophobia warp our ability to discern the character excellences to which we’re called. In this lecture, we’ll discuss Joan of Arc as a notable character offered to us for emulation--she’s a saint, after all!--but in her own time both lauded and persecuted. How might we begin to sort out the heroes from the anti-heroes in our own lives?
April 10, 10AM-noon
Cost: $40

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