"Mystical & Contemplative Spiritualities" Sabbatical Series

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Living Contemplatively
Presented by Michael Fish, OSB Cam

With an emphasis on finding one’s true, authentic self in God, this two-part course offering challenges one to uncover personal masks and look at life from a new perspective.  (Please bring a pillow and blanket with you.)

January 30, 31, 10:00AM-3:00PM



Presented by Bernard LoCoCo, FSC

This session suggests that the psyche calls one to wholeness and holiness through the use of dreams. Topics discussed will be “Assumptions about Dreams”, “Ways of Remembering Dreams”, “How to Conceptualize Dreams,” and “A Method of Dream Analysis.”  Participants will have the opportunity to analyze dreams in large and small groups.

February 6, 7, 10-Noon



Holiness and Time
Presented by David Richo, Ph.D., M.F.T.

Time is blessed and yet, for so many of us, time seems to be a curse, always in short supply.  In the face of insatiable demands, we often feel defeated and depleted. In kairos or holy time we claim time as a gift.  A series of unusual events or a combination of similar happenings may not be mere coincidence.  Synchronicity is the meaningful coincidence or connection of events that can set the course of our life and reveal our present calling. Such events are the fulcrum of psychological change and spiritual awakening.  Then awkward jolts can become graceful transitions, stops can become steps.  We face our destiny rather than fall into fate.

February 28, 10:00–3:00



Comfort Circles: A Sacred Space for Cultivating Compassion and Connection
Presented by Colette Lafia

Embodying the qualities of compassion and connection, participants will gather in a circle to give and receive comfort. During this contemplative time, there will be guided meditations, collage making, and deep listening to bring the healing power of comfort to ourselves and each other. Colette will read from her book, Comfort and Joy: Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others, and use it as the foundation of this presentation.

April 10, 1-3



Spirituality of Vulnerability
Presented by Joann Heinritz, CSJ

Henri Nouwen once said that in order to identify the movements of the Spirit in our lives he found four words helpful: taken, blessed, broken and given.  As Eucharistic people these familiar words resonate with our liturgical experience, but even more profoundly they resound with the Mystery, the paradox of our lives...that in our weakness is our strength... in our dying is our rising.   This workshop/conversation will explore how a vulnerable God invites vulnerable people to come together----and God becomes very close.

April 11, 1-3



The Transformative Power of Surrender
Presented by Colette Lafia

Opening our heart to the path of surrender is foundational to the spiritual journey. How can the practice and grace of surrender transform us? Participants will learn to look intimately at their lives as the greatest teacher of this often misunderstood spiritual principle through engaging in prayer, art, and contemplative listening. Participants will leave this workshop with confidence that walking the path of surrender—living in acceptance and trust—will deepen their spiritual lives and bring more peace.

May 2, 10AM-3PM


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