Aloha Qigong


Aloha Qigong


Presented by Kaleo and Elise Ching

Aloha Qigong is inspired by the spirit and grace of Hawaii. Based on Chinese Medicine, it engages your body’s energy centers and meridians to integrate body, mind, and spirit while harvesting the light of the cosmos, the nurturing of the environment, and the grounding of earth. It cleanses you of toxic influences and nourishes you with fresh, healthy energy to reset your nervous system and promote wellness. It is an embodied prayer of gratitude to the Divine.
March 16, 7-9PM
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$30 Suggested Donation at door. FUNDRAISER:
All proceeds over the instructor fees will be donated to New Camaldoli Hermitage which has been isolated by landslides since a storm destroyed dozens of sections of Highway 1 and badly damaged their entrance road. Hospitality is their primary source of income and the monks have had to cancel all guest reservations for the month of March, and that may continue into April and May, depending on how fast repairs are done.


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