"Embodied Spiritualities" Sabbatical Series


"Embodied Spiritualities" Sabbatical Series

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Sexuality and Spirituality in the 21st Century
Presented by Bede Healey, OSB Cam, Ph.D.

How are we to understand our sexuality and ourselves as sexual beings in today’s church? How do the growing insights from the human sciences regarding human development, and in particular sexual development, assist us in our spiritual growth? Although often seen as being at odds with each other, sexuality and spirituality are integral aspects of who we are and who we are to become. This is true whatever our life path is - single, married, widowed, divorced, or living the vowed life. This workshop will explore these issues, highlighting the embodied nature of both spirituality and sexuality.

February 13, 10AM-3PM


Moral Explorations of Human Sexuality
Presented by Gerald Coleman, SS, Ph.D

In this course offering we will explore critical concerns in the area of sexuality (e.g., gender assessment, sexual addiction, etc.) in light of anthropological, theological, and pastoral concerns.

March 2, 9, 16, 10AM-Noon


Body Praise and Path to Wholeness and Holiness
Presented by Joann Heinritz, CSJ

“Health and fitness are better than any gold, / and a robust body than countless riches. / There is no wealth better than health of body, and no gladness above joy of heart.” Ecclesiasticus 30:15-16

This Lenten offering will combine insights, practices and meditations designed to integrate spirituality and healing as a whole human being;  body, mind and spirit.   Each session will help us examine negative messages we have received about our body and ways to enhance the self-healing process by:

a)   Giving voice to the wisdom of the body through wondrous facts about various   systems of our body

b)   Developing positive practices of imaging our body not by the intellect alone, but by experiencing the wonder of our body

c)    Deepening our awareness that we cannot love ourselves fully until we learn to love our body

March 25, 10AM-2PM


Renaissance: Nurturing the Inner Flame
Presented by KhaleghlQuinn, Ph.D., and Mary Busby

Hope springs eternal is the theme for this evening.

Dr. Khaleghl Quinn will teach a meditation and an ancient healing qigong form, "The Spring Blossom " to guide participants into seasonally appropriate tranquility and inspiration.  Mary Busby of Sagrada Sacred Arts will lead us in inspirational community singing to nourish the heart and soul.  The participant will receive self-sustaining tools for continuous spiritual/physical nourishment.

April 20, 7-9PM,
$30 Suggested Donation


Ongoing Offering: Tai Chi Chih®
Spring Awakening through Tai Chi Chih®Union of Contemplation and Movement
With Celeste Crine, OSF

Each class will begin with ten minutes of contemplative focusing to prepare for greater presence and attentiveness to our practice.

Wednesdays, 7:15-8PM, February 8 through April 26 (Note: No class on March 1, March 22, and April 12)

Cost: $10 Suggested Donation/Session; All are welcome, no previous experience is needed.

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