"Engagement with Scripture" Sabbatical Series

"Engagement with Scripture" Sabbatical Series


Studying the Scriptures for Conversion: A Workshop in Christian Base Communities
Presented by Megan McKenna

The emergence of small Christian communities worldwide, has been a catalyst for experiencing Church as community, using the study of the Scriptures for personal and communal conversion, and holding one another accountable to become Good News to the Poor.  We will share this experience, learning the process and how it operates, using the Scriptures from the Lectionary for this weekend— and how it can be used in RCIA and small base communities.
     Megan will provide an outline for the process with suggestions and questions, as well as guidelines for studying scripture in groups for conversion.
October 28, 7PM-9:30PM, Oct 29, 10AM-3PM
$130 value


Listen Here! Look See!: The Disciplines of Contemplative Listening and Seeing
Presented by Megan McKenna, Ph.D.

‘You wish to see; Listen. Hearing is a step towards Vision.’
—Bernard of Clairvaux 

In this course offering, we will look at the levels of listening and ways of seeing that lead to an authentic integrated life, using Scripture and story. We will explore some new experiences of prayer and contemplation as the foundation for ‘doing justice, loving tenderly and walking humbly with our God.' (Micah).
October 31, November 1, 10AM-3PM, November 2, 10AM-noon
$200 value

Incarnation in Scripture
Presented by Thomas Bonacci, CP

A biblical investigation of the doctrine and idea of the Incarnation implies the Scripture has something to say about this most fundamental dogma of Christianity. The texts are disputed. Our exploration of Incarnation will probe the first four-hundred years of Christian development during which the Creed and the central idea of Incarnation emerged. Our study will uncover the richness of the biblical traditions that influenced this development. Finally, we will consider the relevancy of such a discussion for our time. Indeed, Incarnation has the whole world in his hands.
December 5, 10AM-3PM
$80 value

Matthew’s Passion
Presented by Thomas Bonacci, CP

The Passion motif in the Gospel of Matthew extends throughout the Gospel narrative itself.  We will explore three crucial texts to underscore this insight: Matthew 2: 16-18 – the slaughter of the Innocents, Matthew 8: 14-17 – the Cure of Simon Peter’s Mother-in-Law, and Matthew 27: 19 – the distress of Pilate’s wife.  The Passion of Jesus is, at one and the same time, solidarity with the afflicted and the call for that justice by which the Kingdom of God is realized on Earth in the here and now of our lives.
February 22, 10-noon, 1-3PM
$80 value

Being a Disciple in the Church of the New Testament
Presented by Michael Crosby, OFM Cap.

Building on Pope Francis' stress on the need for all of us to be(come) "Missionary Disciples" Michael Crosby will probe its meaning with a stress on the Letter to the Galatians and the gospels of Matthew and John. He will show that the world "behind the text" that gave rise to these has much relevance to us who are part of the world "before the text.
April 3-4, 10AM-3PM, April 5, 10-Noon
$200 value

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