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On-going Exhibition

Mystical Realities

Kathleen Kook - photographs

Airiel Mulvaney - paintings 

Carrie Rehak - paintings

Karen Sjoholm - drawings

An exhibition of artwork by artists associated with the School of Applied Theology and the Graduate Theological Union.

The artists in this exhibition explore the nexus of matter and spirit through the creation of images that are grounded in the material world of form and yet illuminate the transcendent experience. The photographs of Kathleen Kook show us daily life as “moments of wonder and expressions of spirit.” The paintings of Carrie Rehak offer us a “contemplation of light, natural and supernatural, in, on, and through form.” The mandalas of Karen Sjoholm are an inquiry into “the relationship between chaos and order” and the paintings of Ariel Mulvaney call forth “the dance between the inner world and the physical, with the intention to bring forth what is unseen.”