Special Events 2018

SEBASTIAN G HYDE Art Reception: Saturday, March 10, 2-4PM



Bay Area Landscapes

The subject in this exhibition is the landscape, though the landscape is not my usual focus.  I consider myself primarily a figurative painter, whose main interest is in painting the human body, subsequently when I paint the landscape I tends to focus on forms in the landscape that invoke the body. These Landscapes are painted in Plein Air, in one sitting. These paintings are the result of a concentrated effort to paint as often as possible and at mostly the same reoccurring spots.  I take a lot of inspiration from the great European and American Impressionist and post-Impressionist painters who also painted outside, directly from life. Specifically I find great inspiration in the work of groups like the Society of Six (Oakland) and the Group of Seven (Canada). Hopefully these paintings reveal a love of exploring the landscape and an embrace of the struggle to represent nature in a way that is visually exciting and emotionally stirring.

Most of the pieces in this show were painted within just a few miles of St. Albert’s, in the Hills behind Oakland and in Orinda, though there are a couple of paintings from Petaluma and a location near Vacaville.