What SAT Sabbatical Participants have said over the years...

 Percy Bacani

Percy Bacani

 Clement Sindazi

Clement Sindazi

 Mary Patricia Perez

Mary Patricia Perez

 Lilly O'Reilly

Lilly O'Reilly

 Pascal McDonnell

Pascal McDonnell

 Bernard Fox

Bernard Fox

 Trinita Laffan

Trinita Laffan

 Joe Machino

Joe Machino

“SAT taught me to breathe more deeply, experience life more fully, and, to love God more deeply. I leave more whole and holy.”

“The SAT program helped me to discover more of my 'True Self.' I rested, relaxed, related to new friends, visited new places, got new insights for future ministry. Transformation happened."

“Skillful teachers; profound topics; passionate adult learners – a transformative combination.”

“I entered the sabbatical just two months after retiring from active ministry. I didn’t realize how tired I was. The rest and relaxation of the sabbatical has enabled me to transform my life.”

“It has been a time of reconciliation--i.e., a time of learning 'to see with new eyes'--to live more contemplatively and to experience 'the extraordinary in the ordinary.' I have been abundantly blessed during my sabbatical here.”  

“The enriching classes, community experiences of shared faith, fun, and friendship, and transformative moments of silence and solitude all have been a great source of healing, hope, and happiness making this the holistic and renewing Sabbath it promises to be.”

“The SAT program made me rediscover the value of solitude, the need to slow down, and simplify my life and activities in order to deepen my relationship with God, myself, and others.”

“Excellent and exceptional input, alongside many and varied opportunities for prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth were so complementary.  The variety of participants from various cultures and backgrounds and the limitless offerings of cultural and natural beauty in the Bay Area make for a wonderful time for growth and renewal.”

“I’m completing my sabbatical experience of three months feeling well rested and renewed with a love and eagerness for ministry again. The local climate is exceptionally sunny and warm. And the city and surrounds(ings) make for some wonderful site-seeing. I’m excited about a further opportunity to come again.”

“From SAT I came to understand that I am with God who is the Cosmos that is in me and out of me. This is why there is an evolving interconnection that implies God, me and nature.  Transformation (revives) God.”

“This “break” was necessary for me. It was a time of renewal, of prayer and rest. Reconciliation with myself. I have learned “to let go and let God” - Moment of blessings!”

“My experience was rich in (the) sense that, I had time to reflect on my life as (an) ordain(ed) minister and my ministry.”

“I needed a place to come that was restful, reflective and allowing for new experiences. I also came with a desire to update and renew myself in my ministry. I needed a new way of looking at things and a sense that I was taking a newstep in life and was being prepared for it. This was all addressed at some level.”

“It has been a time of reconciliation i.e. a time of learning “to see with new eyes”, to live more contemplatively, and to experience “the extraordinary in the ordinary”. I have been abundantly blessed during my sabbatical here.”

“I came feeling very tired and exhausted, the whole experience has helped me to reflect on my life and see what is important in it, and I feel I have now fine tuned myself to better understand how one is totally in charge of (owing?) yourself a healthy mind, body and spirit, and how to go about this in a postive way."

“Variety of opportunities in experiences in spiritual, recreational, community and faith sharing. Multi-faceted... and like a well-cut gem... can be and make one “sparkle”!!!

“The SAT Sabbatical experience is an opportunity to explore yourself and others in a challenging and enlightening way through a wide variety of topics in a very wholistic environment.”

“An opportunity for rest, relaxation, and renewal—after a busy life in ministry.  The emphasis on human & spiritual development within a no-pressure context was ideal.” 

“It has provided spiritual renewal and strengthened my understanding and appreciation for the richness and diversity within the Church.”

“The time at SAT was a prayerful time for reflection at a personal level and with a supportive community.  We were given top-notch input in various disciplines.  I leave feeling profoundly grateful, energized, and renewed for the ongoing challenges of ministry.”

“It has been a time and place of rest and renewal, inner journeying, intellectual quest, and a time for friends, fun, and being surprised by beauty.”  

“It’s enriching—you learn to free yourself of unnecessary burdens imposed inadvertently on yourself.  Simply put, you learn to live.”

"This precious time has given me the opportunity to relax and enjoy life, to reflect and renew my enthusiasm to live out God’s dream for me."

"I came like many with a sense of making sure everything happened on time and well done.  I leave knowing all is well in God and it is good to Be.  Sometimes to sit, think and ponder and sometimes I just sit."

"I’ve attended SAT on sabbatical twice in the last 15 years.  I’ve found the qualified speakers to be both insightful and inspiring.  SAT is holistic in every way, and concerned about the academics as well as the spiritual journey I am on as a diocesan priest."

"To me my SAT experience was an eye-opener to many things in my life, spiritually and intellectually."

"I found SAT to be a well-integrated, holistic, community-based, spiritually renewing experience.  The individual presenters were highly qualified and provided stimulating sessions.  There was much life beyond the classroom.  Community life was a real plus"

"SAT has been a restful, enriching year of stepping back from hyper-activity to concentrate on myself, minister to myself and work on inner healing.  It allowed me to focus on my gifts and discern life-giving ways to use them in future ministry."

"The experience of the SAT Sabbatical has been a life-changing, life-altering adventure.  Relationships with God, others; and self have been challenged.  “Letting go” to be immersed in these life-fiving opportunities has created in me a true peace and a sense of purpose."

"The sabbatical program gave me a great opportunity for rest, for renewal of my spiritual life, to be challenged into new ways to value myself and my relations with others."

"Overall this has been for me an enriching and life-giving experience.  I also found it affirming of who I am “warts and all.”  I appreciated the companionship of others on the journey sharing the stories and challenges of life.  That was very supportive.  I also so appreciated the presentations and inspiration – helped for the spiritual journey and spiritual directors and retreat times – plus having basic needs covered e.g., cooling, chance for exercise."

"I had a tremendous experience at SAT. I came tired, burnt-out and stressed and I leave refreshed with a renewed sense of commitment.  The emphasis on self-acceptance and personal growth and strength certainly helped my healing and growth."

"My experience at SAT taught me the truth of the words of Bernanos “Tout est grace” everything is gift."

"The SAT Experience is aimed at jostling one out of routine ways of thinking and living and exploring new and more fruitful ones.  It does this by providing stimulating talks, times for reflection, opportunities for creative expression, physical exercise, and contemplative prayer.  It emphasizes the creative and the holistic.  I have found it to be renewing of mind and heart, body and spirit."

"SAT is faithful to their mission of providing an opportunity for attentive rest, theological renewal and transformation; my experience has been a taste of paradise.  I am so grateful to my congregation for letting me participate."

"The time apart from ministry and responsibilities allowed me to recognize once again that “the Lord called me from birth from my mother’s womb; he named me and made me glorious in the sight of the Lord.” (Isaiah)  I felt, once again that I am precious in God’s eyes!"

"It is a gift of grace we give to ourselves.  A discovery channel about the meaning of REST and inner peace."

"The SAT experience gave me enough time for reflection and prayer as well as the input that I was looking for.  There was also sufficient opportunity for recreation."

"SAT is a place of self-discovery, self-anointing – I have discovered I am a human being not a human doing as before.  I had a wonderful experience of growth.  It was breathtaking."

"The SAT experience pushed the borders of who I am.  Through a combination of classes, prayer experiences, reflection times, and fun times I am finding a balance in my life."

"While I appreciated the stimulating classes and lectures and thoroughly enjoyed trips to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, what stays with me most about this sabbatical is the non-cognitive aspect:  the wisdom of washing feet at Maunday Thursday, watching the whales at Monterey, taking the plunge of journaling and art work and finding my spirit like a butterfly!"

"I feel more aligned and centered because it all started with my body.  For me it was a period of self-care where I have learned to befriend my body.  But above all, I feel more connected to the whole universe, feeling not alone but part of everything."

"I felt very at home (at the) SAT Sabbatical.  It was a great experience for me – I can say I have grown in good-loving relationship with others.  It was a great time to pray, to study and rest – I believe I’ll have more energy and enthusiasm to continue my priestly ministry."

"I experienced this year as sheer gift and, in embracing the sabbatical journey, I feel transformed."

"This was the perfect sabbatical experience for me – you’ll notice that I didn’t describe it as a program.  There was a great deal of freedom to take advantage of or not to take advantage of different experience, as the spirit would move you and for your particular needs.  A wonderful combination of theological renewal, rest, leisure, art work, spirituality and body work.  Thank you for such a life-giving experience."

"SAT provide me with an entirely new setting and international community of men and women to learn with and from.  I discovered a new resourcefulness and creativity in myself."

“To me the SAT Sabbatical experiences have been spiritually, emotionally and psychologically refreshing. It has contributed to my personal growth spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. The SAT experience has also offered me the opportunity to rest and pray.”

"I was given space to process my personal experiences at my own pace and also the freedom to choose what to focus on in accordance with my needs.  Rest and relaxation were facilitated by the beautiful seascapes and woodlands of the Bay Area."                   

"The SAT Sabbatical was one of the most wonderful things that could ever happen to me. Three most beautiful months of camaraderie and companionship enriched my otherwise busy, worn-out life."                                                                                                    

"SAT was stimulating, nourishing, and challenging.  Being part of a varied and supportive community of participants brought richness to our interaction and joy in our praying and living together."