Thank You!


Thank you very much for your donation to the School of Applied Theology.  We are deeply grateful for your support of our Mission: to provide a holistic Sabbath experience of attentive rest, theological renewal, and spiritual transformation: that is to nourish, nurture, and support inspired and inspiring ministries in the Bay Area and around the globe, to serve those who are in service to others, servant leaders and agents of liberation and transformation who are touching the lives of hundreds even thousands.

As a benefactor of the SAT Sabbatical, you make it possible for our participants to have a transformative experience and to be refreshed and renewed, in body, mind, and spirit, as reflected in these recent testimonials:

My Sabbatical provided me time for soul-work.  I entered fully into the invitation to do inner-work and realized the importance of rest and meditation.
Percy Bacani, MJ
Antipolo City, Philippines

I came to SAT exhausted – mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  The relaxed, stress-free schedule and the richness of the presentations along with days of quiet and prayer were truly a blessing.  At the end of this time I feel renewed and refreshed.  It has truly been gift.Miriam Mitchell, SHSp
San Antonio, Texas

The School of Applied Theology envisions a church and a world where Gospel values are lived to the fullest by laity, priests, deacons, and women and men religious, and you are helping to make this possible.  Your generosity truly makes a difference. 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. 

With Gratitude,


Carrie Rehak
Executive Director


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